When the yogurt took over

Short Film - TV Show

Love, Death & Robots is an animated anthology created by Tim Miller & David Fincher for Netflix. We were commisioned by Blur Studio to produce the animation service for the episode When the yogurt took over directed by Victor Maldonado & Alfredo Torres from Headless Studio

You can watch the full episode on Netflix



Client: Netflix
Production Company: Blur Studio

Directed by: Victor Maldonado & Alfredo Torres
Original Story: John Scalzi
Screenplay: Philip Gelatt
Animation Studio: Blow Studio

Production Direction - Bernardo González & Alejandro Jiménez
Production Manager - Reyes Corpas

Set & Props Modeling - Jose Manuel Linares - Antonio Álvarez - Álvaro Jiménez
Character Modeling - Luis Gómez-Guzmán
Character Set up - Carlos Contreras

Animation Supervisor & Layout - Alejandro Jiménez
Animation - David Rubio - Pepe Cano

Ligthing / Shading / Render Supervisor - Bernardo González
Ligthing & Shading – 3D Artists - Antonio Álvarez - Álvaro Jiménez - Antonio Enríquez

Hair Artist & Cloth simulation - Antonio Álvarez
VFX Simulations - MakMac

Composition - Bernardo González - Alejandro Jiménez - Antonio Enríquez