The Legend of the Drowned


This short film is UNDER PRODUCTION. All images shown here are work in progress.

\"THE LEGEND OF THE DROWNED\" is a horror story set in the sea developed during one of the many expeditions that Spanish ships made between the old and the new world in the sixteenth century. A story that addresses the dark magical world of sea legends, shaping the ancestral fear of vengeful spirits that haunt us in our vigil.


Producciones La Relojería presents a film by Mario Venegas
Executive Producer - Oscar Sobrino
Co-producer - Mario Venegas
Produced by - Fernando López de Haro
Cinematographer - Daniel Mauri
Art Director - Gigia Pellegrini
VFX & Postproduction - Blow Studio
Costume Designer - Pepe Vázquez
Hair Make-up designer - Yolanda Piña
Make-up FX designer - Rubén Hernández, Clara Cuadrado & Juan Serrano
Screenplay - Mario Venegas & José Luis Forte
Based on the original story \"The legend of the drowned\" by José Luis Forte
Directed by Mario Venegas