Camp Baker

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This project was very special because it was a collaboration for a good cause. We were commited by GSW to help them with a very low budget to create a campaing for Camp Baker, a summer camp for kids with ADHD. 

They came up with the idea of the beast and a small script and we gave our vision about it, creating everything from the sratch with a very small team.


Client: Camp Baker
Agency: GSW Advertising
Executive creative director: Nick Capanear
Executive art director: Ray Li


Production studio: Blow

Direction: Alejandro Jimenez & Bernardo González
Art direction & character design: Alejandro Jimenez
Character modeling: Alejandro Jimenez & Bernardo González
Character texture & shading: Antonio Álvarez
Enviroment modeling, texture & shading: Antonio Álvarez & Jaime Sánchez
Riggin: Iván Cuenca
Animation: Kike Florido
Lighting: Antonio Álvarez, Bernardo González & Jaime Sánchez
Compositing: Bernardo González
Sound design: Juan Cantón