Short Film

María is a lonely woman who has created an imaginary world inside her head where she has a perfect happy life, but her imaginary boyfriend is going to shake this world putting her feet on the ground of reality.

\"5\" is a short film included in the project NUMBERS created by Jesús Perujo and Fátima de los Santos. \"5\" is a story about relationships, happiness and the power of imagination


María / Mia: Mari Paz Sayago
Carlos / Dylan: Jose Manuel Poga
A short film by: Blow Studio
Writer: Bernardo González
Directors: Alejandro Jimenez & Bernardo González
Executive Production: Alejandro Jimenez & Bernardo González

Cinematographer: Jesús Perujo
Camera Assistant: Elisa Díaz
Edition: Fátima de los Santos
Art Direction & Costume design: Mar García
Art Assistant: Paco Corbacho
Makeup & Hairdress: Ana Valenzuela

Sound Design & Post: Juan Cantón
Music: Alejandro Jiménez
Music Producer: Leo Peña
Recording Studio: Jotun Studio

Chief Production: Reyes Corpas
Production Assistant: Alfonso Velasco
Script: Emma Galán

VFX & Postproduction: Blow Studio
Animation: Alejandro Jimenez
3D Generalist: Carlos Diéguez
Character Setup: Clovis Gay
Compositing: Bernardo González

Grading Suite: Red Sun
Color Correction: Israel Millán
Still Photography & Making of: Gema García